How Do Encouragement and Love Help Improve Child Behavior?

How do encouragement and love help improve child behavior?

As parents we are sometimes looking for ways to improve our children’s behavior. Some of the best help can be found by applying some pretty simple and age old methods. Kids crave love and attention and flourish with encouragement. When kids are not getting any attention, they may act out or misbehave in order to get our attention. Sometimes as parents, we may get caught up in the daily rigors of our lives and it is easy to forget to actively show our children our love and encouragement. So here is a method you can use to build on good behavior. Take a moment out of each day and catch your child being good. Take notice and praise your child for that good behavior and let him or her know how much you love them. It can be something as small as praising your child for waiting patiently for you, or getting along with others, or playing quietly, or even helping you with a chore. The idea is that you take notice of the positive behavior and make it known to your child that you are aware of it, and that you are proud of him or her and that you love him or her. You can build on that concept by adding rewards if you so choose, but even without a reward, your child and his or her behavior will surely benefit. As with anything in life, you get out what you put in, and making some time during your day to give your children the love and reinforcement they need, will likely help to improve your children’s behavior. And if not, at least your child will know he or she is loved. And that goes a long way too!

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