Which type of child discipline is right for me?

We as parents are faced with some difficult choices when it comes to disciplining our children. There are those who follow an “old school” train of though that discipline should involve instilling fear in children by trying to correct bad behavior by physical punishment by way of spanking or worse. In some cases, that method creates a disciplined child, but a child whose discipline is based on fear of their parents.

There are others who would tend to continually ask their children to behave, but who use no tools to help them actually get good behavior. This is more of a “discipline without discipline” method and often results in the child really running the show, and doing what he or she wants to do, when they want to do it. The end result of that method is usually frustration on the part of the parents, and lack of discipline for the child.

Another method, which has been incorporated in to the Ticket Store Game, uses the concepts of children “earning” their way to good behavior and then using the powerful method of positive reinforcement to reinforce the good behavior. Set behavior goals for your child to achieve, reward the child for achieving the goal, and then reinforce the behavior. While each of us have to determine which method is best for our children and families, there are some real benefits to creating lasting behavioral traits from positive reinforcement. Whether you use the patented Ticket Store Game method or just the concepts that have been incorporated in the game, you may want to consider which type of discipline is right for you, and start to implement a consistent plan to achieve your goals! We like to get better behavior-one ticket at a time!

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