iParenting_Winner_AwardImprove Your Child’s Behavior using our patented behavior system (U.S. Patent no. 8430671)!


Kids earn tickets for good behavior.

When kids are asked to do something, and they do it the first time, or when they do their chores without having to be asked, they get 3 tickets.

If they have to be asked more than once, the number of tickets is reduced.
Earning tickets becomes important to your kids.


Because they can use the tickets to “buy” rewards that they want from the ticket store game board.

The better their behavior, the more tickets they earn and the more rewards they can receive.

Watch the change occur before your eyes!

That’s the Ticket Store Game. The fun way to better behavior for your kids.

The Ticket Store Game was created to solve a basic problem. How to get kids to listen and behave better. Even kids who are good listeners and who are well behaved can use some improvement. The solution came in the form of the boxed Ticket Store Game, a fun “game” in which kids can earn tickets for their good behavior and use those tickets to buy rewards from the Ticket Store game board. When we created The Ticket Store Game, we used our efforts to create a fun system to help parents and teachers modify behavior in children. We wanted to create something that was interesting, colorful, and vibrant. We also wanted to create something that would be interactive for children and their parents and give parents a tool to help stop bad behavior.  We built in to the system the important concepts of ownership, savings, and rewards.   In our research, we found that many parents and teachers used tickets and rewards in various homemade formats as a means of improving behavior in both well behaved and badly behaved children. In developing the Ticket Store Game, we provided a simple and fun system that incorporated all of these concepts in one box for easy use by parents and teachers.

As parents and teachers started playing the game with their children, the results we saw exceeded all of our expectations. First we noticed that kids really wanted to play the game. They loved earning the tickets, they were attracted to the colors and Tickie the Mascot© and really understood the concept of being able to earn the tickets by being well behaved. Not only did the game provide a fun way for positive reinforcement in well behaved children, it also helped to stop bad behavior in children who were acting out and behaving badly. The results started very quickly. Second, we realized that the game made it easier for parents and teachers to use many of the concepts that help in modifying their children’s behavior, because all of the elements were incorporated in our game.

Many people strive to leave their mark on the world.  We hope that The Ticket Store Game will leave that mark in the most important way possible, with our children.  Enjoy and have fun!

Tickie the mascot

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