Tips on how to help control parental anger

Sometimes we as parents feel angry because our children are not listening and responding the way we want. Here are some tips that may help in controlling your anger.

1. Try to adjust how you think about what your child is doing. We may begin to believe that our son/daughter is trying to push our buttons or make us angry on purpose. Think of your child as someone just trying to figure out the wide world. Adjust your expectations. And try not to react. You may find that this lowers your anger level.

2. Pay attention to yourself. If you see that you are getting ready to respond in a negative way or snap, know your own warning signs and intervene before you react. Take a moment to regroup. You will find that by paying attention to your own stress meter, you can avoid the angry blow up. Use deep breathing calming techniques for yourself, so that the message you are giving to your child is more balanced and controlled.

3. Reduce stressful moments by being clear in your directives. Use short, clear, and firm instructions. Avoid sarcasm and use praise whenever possible. By being clear and firm, without losing control, you help create a balanced and nurturing environment in which to raise your child.

Keeping calm is not easy, especially with the stress of children who may be demanding of your time and energy to the point of exhaustion. By trying to incorporate some of these techniques, parents can hopefully avoid responding with anger and can build on positive interaction with their children. Use these techniques along with the Ticket Store Game to help improve your child’s behavior. Good luck and enjoy the process!

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