Tips for parents

One of the most important things in helping to improve behavior is to create a loving relationship with your child. Showing your child that you are willing to take the time to listen, learn, play and teach will go a long way in building that loving relationship. Taking the time to put in the effort and play games together and laugh strengthens the loving bond.

Get ahead of the curve. Plan ahead and anticipate behavior issues before they become a problem. Be pro-active in giving instruction and guidance to help avoid behavior problems. Utilize games and interactive methods to create positive feedback for good behavior.

Reinforce good behavior. Get focused on your child’s good behavior and build on it. Praise often. Children thrive on knowing that they are doing good and that they have your approval. Catch your child being good, and let him or her know it. You will be surprised how helpful that can be.

Remember, it sometimes takes small steps to make big progress! Stay with it. It is worth all the effort!

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